What is an escort tour or city tour with an escort?

Escort tours (city tours) provide an opportunity for beautiful girls to earn good money abroad, and for men - to have a good vacation or go on a trip accompanied by a pleasant female company. In essence, this is a travel type of escort, but with more

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Escort tours services appeared at the beginning of the XXI century, when working trips of girls abroad began to be actively practiced in the field of escort. Clients who use such services to this day are mostly single men who earn decent money and go on another trip or vacation, simply do not want to spend too much time looking for a beautiful lady for a good time in another country.

What are the advantages of an escort tour for girls?

Each spectacular, beautiful girl who wants to see other countries and have a bright time, while earning good money just dreams of such work.

Virtually every escort agency that provides escort tours in the selection of candidates offers them the following benefits:

• Short-term trips abroad, which last an average of 14-30 days with a legal stay throughout the entire period of client escort in another country.

• Affordable cost of travel / flights and assistance in fast visa processing.

• Working relations with the client on equal rights.

• High pay per trip.

It goes without saying that on such trips, girls can enjoy a holiday with a man at resorts, visit interesting places, attend corporate events, social events and just have a good time. Do not forget about sex - as a fundamental part of any escort services. However, it is preferable for not all clients, for some it is more important just a pleasant women's company, as is the case with a classic escort.

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The criteria by which agencies select girls for such business trips may differ dramatically from the standard list. As a rule, they should already have experience in escort services and this is practically the main selection criterion.

Escorts can go to women who:

1. Have an attractive appearance, possibly model parameters, if requested by the client. Well-groomed appearance, beautiful and bright image, the lack of complexes - as a rule such a minimum set is sufficient for most agencies.

2. They know several foreign languages, especially since girls need to maintain a conversation with foreigners without the help of an interpreter.

3. Sociable and able to keep the conversation going. Clients often take beautiful girls to accompany them to effectively look in front of work colleagues or friends on vacation, and companies always need to find an approach and topics for communication in order to show themselves from the best side.

4. Have no problems with the migration service.

In fact, in order to travel with a rich client, girls need to have a high stress tolerance and be able to quickly adapt to changes in the environment and climate. Thinking about what an escort tour is and how to work in it, you can first consult with experienced escort women who worked on business trips or look for useful information about their personal experience on an escort forum.

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Of course, girls can offer escort services through specialized sites on which you can place a questionnaire in order to represent their interests independently without agencies. One of these is the portal Israel-Escorts, which allows girls to place their profile with contacts, a list of services provided and to negotiate directly with the customers on cooperation.

Why do men pay for escort tours? After all, on vacation it is quite possible to easily find the girl himself.

Escort tour services for men open up new unforgettable impressions and vivid emotions. Going to the next trip, vacation or just a weekend for 2-3 days, a man can choose a companion to his taste, and she will accompany him for the entire period of rest. Beautiful girls can embody all intimate desires, give affection, tenderness and at the same time support the conversation on any topic. The advantage of this type of escort is that a man can find his ideal lady and go with her on the next trip or each time to replace his companions as much as you please.

Looking for a beautiful lady in a foreign country can take a lot of time, and when you just want to relax and not do a cheap pick-up, then the best solution would be to contact an escort agency or directly to the cowgirls. Perhaps such a vacation will cost a bit more expensive, but the confidence that a beautiful woman will be near is much more valuable than any money for such men. Specially secured clients, going on vacation, use the services of VIP escort women.

The prospect of escort tours in modern realities

Summarizing all the above, one can unambiguously answer the question of what an escort tour is and how relevant this activity is in our time. Since the demand for beautiful ladies has always been and will be high (especially on a good vacation), men will never stop paying money for elite support and moreover they will leave good tips for quality service.

Beautiful, stately girls will always be provided with work that will allow them to see the world, get tremendous experience in communicating with native speakers of other languages ​​and most importantly - a decent income on a permanent basis.