Highly paid job for girls in Israel

In countries with poorly developed economies it is difficult for citizens to get decent remuneration for their work. These include almost all countries in the CIS. Therefore, many people, if given the opportunity, prefer to leave for more developed countries to earn money. An example is Israel. In this country today there are many immigrants from the former USSR.

Highly paid work for girls in Israel

Here we will tell you how high-paying work there is for girls in Israel. We are talking about an escort.

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This is the best way to make money for attractive and ambitious women.

Under the escort refers to the escort of beautiful girls to various events:

• Successful business people;

• Stars of show business;

• dignitaries, etc.

Business negotiations and themed celebrations, private parties and business meetings are often held in an informal atmosphere in the country. Therefore, such a highly paid job for girls in Israel is in incredibly high demand.

Work benefits

Safe work has a decent level of payment and many benefits. Can:

• Travel without great expense. Usually costs are borne by special companies. They provide girls with apartments so that they feel comfortable and quickly learn the basics of escort work. It is even allowed to combine work with study. Add here a wonderful climate and warm sea, which will enjoy the work;

• Work a short period of time. For example, 2-3 weeks. Having earned a decent amount (you can receive $ 12,000 or more per month), you can provide yourself for several months in advance. Practice shows that for the day of work a girl can receive a fee equal to the monthly earnings of the average office worker. Not to mention expensive gifts from the customers themselves;

• Unleash your talents and climb the career ladder. To work in an escort, you need to know English, to be able to keep up the conversation on various topics, to be able to present and charm others. When traveling to Israel as an escort, a girl can find a permanent job in the country (there are many modeling agencies), start a family and start a new life;

• Choose who to work with. There is no coercion here, a girl can work in a relaxed atmosphere;

• Meet useful people and make interesting acquaintances;

• Enjoy agency support. It will deal with all the nuances of escort work.

Who can work in the escort?

Candidates for employment in an escort must meet certain requirements:

• Attractive appearance;

• Ability to communicate with different people and on various topics;

• Good erudition. It requires knowledge in various fields, ranging from social life and ending with architecture;

• Managed;

• Knowledge of etiquette in different situations. After all, one guest can go to the exhibition of paintings, and the other - to the restaurant;

• Multi-language proficiency (English is required);

• Age - from 18 years;

• Visa availability.

If a girl works well and clearly fulfills the requirements, she will recommend herself from the best side, and she will be constantly invited to Israel as an escort.

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Now a few words about the privacy and security of work. All aspects are specified in the agreement. The contract is signed before the start of work. The database is not shared, therefore girls are guaranteed complete confidentiality.

Elite escort

There is a separate category of girls who belong to the VIP escort. Not only do they have a dazzling appearance and an excellent upbringing, they also have a serious education. Such an escort can only afford the oligarchs and / or major businessmen.

Characteristic features of such girls are:

• Presence of several higher educations;

• Knowledge of several languages;

• Etiquette training;

• Ability to avoid conflict situations;

• Knowledge of communication psychology;

• Ability to write poetry / play musical instruments;

• knowledge of art;

• Positive reputation;

• Wearing clothes purchased in expensive boutiques.

Therefore, we can safely say that escort service is a powerful tool when conducting negotiations. A beautiful and intelligent girl, creating the necessary psychological atmosphere, can soften the position of the interlocutor (partner, supplier, buyer) and help achieve the desired result when making a deal.

Therefore, escort service is a prestigious and highly paid job for girls in Israel.

Escort Features

In Israel, a high level of culture, in the country, without prejudice, belong to representatives of Eastern Europe, and there are no prejudices associated with the escort. Therefore, a warm welcome to the girls is guaranteed.

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In most cases, they will have to work in these regions:

1. Tel Aviv;

2. Jerusalem

3. Caesarea;

4. Savyon;

5. Herzliya.

Here, an escort implies surrounding a girl while working with luxury and comfort.