Escort services in Israel

This service is widely distributed in the country. Work is considered prestigious and highly paid. Under the contract, escort services in Israel involve only escort. However, by mutual agreement between the client and the girl, sex is also allowed.

Who needs an escort?

The main contingent of clients is businessmen. They often need a companion to accompany them at a business meeting. Basically, we need not just beautiful girls, but intelligent and educated women who are able to charm business partners and keep the conversation going on on various topics. However, there is a demand for silly doll appearance, from which you only need to smile and nod.

Less often, escort services in Israel are required for single men. In the absence of a permanent partner, they want a charming girl from the agency to form his company.

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Can contact the agency and men who want to get sex after the banquet or business meeting. It’s up to the girl herself to agree to the offer or refuse the sex service, but such work is paid separately.

Among the clients there are also very young people, so to speak, golden youth from wealthy families. But escort services in Israel are allowed for persons over 18 years old. This also applies to girls. To get the right to work, you must be an adult.

Another contingent of agencies is women. True, they apply for the service much less frequently than men. And some customers to go to events require not male, but female support!

Escort - veiled prostitution?

Many consider the services of an escort veiled prostitution. Yes, according to the agreement, the girls should only accompany the client at social events, attend business meetings, travel around the country and outside the state. They assure that their services exclude intimate relationships. However, practice shows that in many cases sex is present. Escort services are ordered to hide the facts of prostitution.

It turns out that the client pays for the support service, and not for intimacy with the girl. Ie, by agreement, the client is provided with a paid range of services:

• Maintenance at conferences and social events;

• Leisure activities: a joint trip to a restaurant / theater / picnic;

• Participation in business negotiations;

• If the girl speaks several foreign languages, she can act as an interpreter, fly with the customer to other countries for tourist purposes (all payment lies on the client’s shoulders).

But an intimate sequel is the mutual desire of both parties. The system is tricky, even at the legislative level it is difficult to get close to it. No country is prohibited from escorting people to business meetings / banquets, traveling and having sex at the request of both participants.

Who can provide escort services?

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To work in an escort, you need an attractive appearance and:

• Lack of speech defects (congenital, acquired), diseases, problems with hair and skin, excess weight;

• Height in the range of 170-180 cm. There may be exceptions;

• Well-groomed appearance: manicure, neat hair, white teeth, fashionable wardrobe, etc.


•        Higher education;

• High level of self-education;

• Literacy;

• Wide horizons;

• Readability;

• Ability to keep up the conversation on many topics;

• The presence of such qualities as punctuality and pliability, smiling and friendliness, flirtatiousness and courtesy;

• Ability to arouse interest in men in conversation and gently flirt.

How to start a girl?

If you decide to provide escort services in Israel, contact agencies with excellent reputation. You can contact us. Until 01/01/2019 you have the right to leave a free profile. If your data suits us, our representative will contact you and discuss the upcoming work.

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Before starting work in the agency we recommend you:

• Ask about security guarantees;

• Specify the amount of payment;

• Ensure that you can blend in with your surroundings. Since escort services mean communication with people, you should feel comfortable in the presence of agency staff and in communication with customers.

Working with agencies has the following advantages:

• Teamwork;

• The identity of the customer at the beginning is considered and only then is given approval to work with him;

• The girl gets rid of the formation of demand for services;

• Other more experienced girls can give you valuable advice.

However, there are also disadvantages:

• Part of the salary will go to the agency;

• Have to work on inconvenient days. Of course, you can refuse, but frequent failures can lead to undesirable consequences. For example, the agency will refuse to work with you;

• You have to obey the rules set by your boss.

Write in the comments, did you use an escort or did you provide escort services in Israel? Would it be interesting to compare these services with similar work in Russia and other countries? Where is safer, more profitable and more demand for such work?

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